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It’s relaxed and rustic but rethought, with a contemporary new spin that's all about texture and tone in a mix of materials. At the center of this craze is the perfect bed from Taylor & Wells.
75 Years of Experience Old World
Craftsmanship 21st Century Design
Eco Friendly
Made in America
Family owned
  • Traditional
    Ideal for the individual requiring extra back support and durability. Our encased coil mattresses feature today’s most Advanced Sleep Technologies, bringing the encased coil design to New Levels of Sleeping Comfort, Support and Luxury.
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    Features include a reinforced edge with small diameter, ultra-flexible Quantum coil side rails. This advanced configuration provides a better edge than foam, reduces or eliminates that roll-off feeling, and delivers a consistent sleep surface.
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Classic, Hand-Crafted Quality
Each Taylor & Wells® Mattress is handcrafted in our factory in Ft. Worth, Texas by a team of skilled mattress artisans. On the outside, their attention to detail is reflected in the design and tailoring of every model. On the inside, the comfort and support layers carefully chosen for each Taylor & Wells® model are placed and affixed by hand. From the cover to the internal components, the style and craftsmanship of Taylor & Wells® shines through.
The Family Bed™ is designed for extreme comfort for the entire family. Its unique size(s) make this mattress perfect for multiple sleepers, including the family pet(s). This amazing mattress, uses luxurious materials that provide the perfect sleeping experience. This includes, cooling gels and supportive memory foams, allowing the maximum comfort available. The Family Bed is ideal for the perfect movie night, with adjustable friendly options.
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With a look that is inspired by soaring spaces, the 29th & Soho™ Collection from Taylor & Wells® is crafted by hand in the USA, and is designed for those seeking both quality and value. The 29th & Soho™ collection consists of four unique mattresses, each with their own “personality”. This curated collection delivers on the promise of restful sleep that is a product of better choices, luxury materials and conforming, supportive comfort.
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Luxury Components for Comfort & Durability
Each Taylor & Wells® model is specifically designed to achieve a particular comfort level and appeal to sleepers who spend their nights either on their side, back, stomach, or a combination of all three positions. To achieve this broad range of comfort and support, the designers at Taylor & Wells® have chosen from a curated selection of the highest quality conforming and support components. These materials include: SuperChill CoolTex fabrics, Copper Infused memory foam, Gel Infused memory foam, Gel Infused Latex, Open Cell memory foam, and Quantum Edge Individually Encased Coils.
Made in the USA
Sleep better on a mattress that was manufactured in the United States! CertiPUR-US® Certified comfort and cushioning materials, plus springs and fabric from North American suppliers make for a better sleeping choice. Feel good about buying a mattress from a family owned business, who has worked so hard to manufacture a collection of mattresses that delivers quality, comfort and value.
Amazing sales associate! Didn’t try to sell me the most expensive bed in the store. He truly listened to my preferences and helped me choose a bed that was great quality and a price I could afford. I even tried to take the bed back after a few days because it wasn’t as soft as the floor model. He assured me the bed would soften over time and kept me from losing more money. Greatly appreciated his honesty!!
Christina McDaniel
  • Scott was great..we told him how much we had and he made it work to the love our bed and sheets
    Jeff Gregoire
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